About Me

Where to even start?

  I started sewing when I was seven years old. My mother, having noticed that I was trying to making clothes for my Barbie with construction paper and staples, decided that it was time to teach me to sew for real. And Christmas came with a little plastic toy sewing machine. Which lasted all of one week before it gave up the ghost due to my constant use. It probably didn't help that I was trying to quilt through four layers of heavy fabric and batting, too!

  It was then that I graduated to using my mother's favorite Pfaff (under her expert supervision). Boy howdy, though, letting me loose on that machine was like opening Pandora's [craft] box.
My first project I ever completely was a red velveteen cape modeled after Felicity's cape from the American Girl collection. It weighed a ton! But I loved it and from then, my obsessive thirst to learn how to sew had a firm grasp on me.

It continued through my teen years, as I sought knowledge about tailoring, patterning, and fashion history. In my early teens I grew interested in Civil War reenacting. The time I spent studying historical fashion lead me down the path of being a costume technician. I've worked in traditional theatre, ice shows, circuses, children's theatrical productions, and now with a ballet company. My many interests has made it possible to be flexible in what jobs I can do, from stitcher to draper, from crafts to dyeing. I've done it. But my love will always be in historical costuming and what free time I can scrap up is usually dedicated to 19th century costuming.

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